Entry: Here without you baby .. Jan 5, 2004

Well it is the second day of school and i also don know if i am enjoying it at all .. I know something though .. I miss my friends a lot .. And i am sure glad to be seeing them! Well .. this is my last year in high school . the year for my O's .. and my mum is putting pressure on me already .. She just keeps pressing me to get back to my books .. And even forbid me to log on and come online and that is so iritating .. Couldnt she just butt off and let me have some peace ..I cant take the stress she is giving its only the second day of school .. *yucks*
Well .. i am really bored online now .. Hadnt gotten my identification card made and i am going tomorrow and i feel that i have got so many tasks unaccomplished and its kind of a bothering me .. I deletd my blog again as you can see .. the pictures cant work again and i don understand why it always happens to me and i am so frustrated with this .. I don know what to do at all as the host stations keep removing my pictures when i aint uploading anything illegal or pornography .. just a bunch of blinkies ans whats more .. I did not direct link them so i don know why it cant work at all !  So if anybody reads this can tell me whats wrong and what to do !
Alright .. Been really addicted to the song by three doors down .. The song just strucks me somewher but i don know in what way .. Alright .. I think the song gives me goose bumps as the lyrics is just so beatuiful .. I think ther is something wrong with my blog .. the tag board aint showing no matter what template i am using .. and i am wonder if it has to do with me or is there something wrong with blogdrive ? I don know ..


January 9, 2004   10:41 PM PST
hi, if you want help on how to get started, you should talk to lynne, or helpee, bye

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